Terms and Conditions

By using our website and/or if you make a booking, you confirm to us that you:

  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Smoking inside the vehicle is strictly prohibited.
  • Consumption of food and drinks is not allowed in the vehicle.
  • ONE Passport pr ID number is a mandatory part of the contract according to the applicable law.
  • In special cases, Corfu transfer services preserves the right to send a different vehicle from the one stated in the voucher. However, we are always obliged to be on time and at the predetermined meeting point in order to transfer our customers to their destination.
  • Corfu transfer services preserves the right to delay in the scheduled appointment up to 15 minutes, without any further notice.
  • Cancellations are accepted 48 hours before the scheduled pick up time.
  • In case of false reservation, Corfutransferservices preserves the right to take legal action.
  • If you need to make a change in the reservation concerning the time or the day, you should notify us 7 days before the original reservation date, without any extra charge.

You are responsible to provide the correct details in order to book a transfer or a tour. These are flight number, lead passenger’s name-passport number, arrival-departure date and time as well as accommodation details. On departure you are responsible to make sure you arrange your pickup time early 3 HOURS BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT, especially if your drop off point is the Airport. If you are unsure of the transfer time needed do not hesitate to contact us.

If for some reason your driver is not at the pick up point at the agreed time, we strongly recommend you contact us immediately. It is at the driver’s discretion to refuse boarding to any passenger who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who constitutes a danger to the driver of the car and other passengers. Passengers are not  allowed to drink alcohol in our vehicles.

During all transfers, passengers are advised to fasten their seat belts for their own safety.